Funky Food Games Thursday, October 6, 2022 - Jalapeño Ball Spoon Carry / Kool-icle

I've never eaten a pickle on purpose. What does that mean? Well, I would never actually order a sandwich with pickles. Keep it plain please. But, in my never ending quest to win the Funky Food Games, I did eat not one, but two pickles on purpose.


FuNkY FoOd GaMeS | Jalapeño Ball Spoon Carry / Kool-icle Munch

Central Band Moms Lori & Erin finally won in the Jalapeño Ball Spoon Carry / Kool-icle Munch over Bobby & Liberty when Bobby couldn’t keep the last ball down.
  • Jalapeño Balls #80 West Side Improvement
  • Kool-icles #9 Perry Heights

Who really won the Funky Food Game? Watch the video and decide for yourself.

Fall Festival Puppy Chow Chowing / Cotton Candy Stuffing Contest 

As if supporting over 130 local schools, organizations, and charities wasn't enough incentive to visit the West Side Nut Club Fall Festival, we have decided to really embrace the foods along Franklin Street. And by embrace, I mean participate in daily Funky Food Games with Ron Rhodes from WEHT on Lifestyles.

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