Work has been underway on a new mural for Downtown Evansville and it is just about complete.

Stop and Take a Selfie

Downtown Evansville is home to what is known as Self.e Alley. It is a colorful spot perfect to stop and take a selfie. It began originally with a mural that depicts a vintage Evansville postcard painted on the alley wall. The project later expanded to include a second mural with a bit more of an electric, neon, sort of vibe to it, and eventually, a third mural was added to the mix that is reminiscent of a giant Twister mat.

Kat Mykals
Kat Mykals

Mural Number Four

Recently, work began on a fourth mural in Self.e Alley. This one is an homage to a purely midwestern colloquialism. The new mural is emblazoned with the words "Opes & Dreams." That's right. That midwestern term that means everything from "on no!" to "excuse me," to "I'm sorry," or even "did they really just say that?!" is now beautifully and boldly painted on the wall of Self.e Alley. If you look closely, you might even spot a handful of corny puns hidden in the mural as well. According to the official Facebook page, the mural is being painted by Orange Moon Art Studio thanks to funding from Indiana Destination Development Corporation. (Keep scrolling to see the entire post)

How's our latest mural coming along? Glad you asked! Mural #4 is looking like a retro dream

Kat Mykals
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Not The Only Mural Game In Town

Self.e Alley isn't the only spot in Evansville to find a cool backdrop to snap a photo. In fact, in recent years, more and more murals have started to pop up including the two Old National Bank murals in the company's signature blue and yellow color pallete - the smaller one is located on Main Street, just off Second Street and the larger one, depicting the LST and a P-47 Thunderbolt, both iconic images representing Evansville's history. That mural is located on the building at 101 NW 4th Street and can be seen on the backside of the building, facing 5th street, just off Sycamore.

More Murals Across The City

There is also the mural in Game Room Alley, a cool local spot to play a giant game of checkers or Connect Four. That mural was created by a local Signature School student. It is a beautiful floral motif and even includes working in the nearby water meter into the artwork. Plus, if you look closely you can even spot a few tiny, painted pollinator friends. There are actually so many murals across the city that the Growth Alliance - Greater Evansville Economic Development put together a map detailing each and every one.

Perfect Places to Pose

So whether you are into the 90s neon, local history, or just want to take a photo with a beautiful set of angel wings, there is somewhere in the city to grab that perfectly posed photo. Evansville has a lot to offer and today seems like a good day to take an adventure to find it. Want to see more murals? Keep scrolling to see a fantastic alley in Indy's Broadripple neighborhood.



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