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It's no secret how much I love lemons. In fact, a listener just made me a quilt that has lemon fabric squares sewn into it. Lemons are so delicious to me, I have said that if Lemon Pledge was edible, I would eat it. It's almost a food obsession. Yes, I know I sound lemon crazy, but lemons actually have many health benefits that turn my lemon obsession into a health choice. Right? LOL

Here are eight why YOU should be drinking lemon water every day too.

Health Benefits of Drinking Lemon Water

Reasons why you should be drinking lemon water every day.

When I drink lemon water, I make it in a special way. I call it Redneck Lemonade and it's my go-to drink. Remember when I shared a simple two-ingredient lemon bar recipe or my Blueberry Lemon Heaven recipe? If I drink alcohol, it usually has lemon as an ingredient, like my favorite, Vodka Cranberry Lemonade. I even found a lemonade recipe for helping ease my anxiety.

My family has accepted my lemon obsession even embraced it. They get me lemon-inspired gifts for every holiday. I have unwrapped things like soap, candles, cookbooks, socks, kitchen towels, lip gloss, shampoo, pillow covers, journals, there are so many things it's hard for me to remember. My sister even got me a fresh lemon holder for my purse so that I could make my Redneck Lemonade wherever I go.

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