If you've lived in Evansville all of your life, it's easy to overlook some of the things that make our city super cool. How cool? Cool enough to be the reigning 'Hottest City for Millennials'. In 2019, Realtor.com published a list of the 10 hottest places young millennials were buying houses.Making the top of that list is huge for our little city. That means more and more people in their 20's are loving Evansville so much, that they are putting roots down here. So what's the appeal? Well, let me tell you:

Our Food Truck Game is Strong

I mean, check out Pizza Revolution - It's a traveling pizza bus with a brick oven. Not many other cities can claim that.

Alex Morgan Imaging

Booming Brewery Scene

Craft beers have been getting more and more popular, especially with younger patrons. Evansville has answered the request for locally brewed beer, paired with cool vibes.

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A Park for All-Abilities 

Mickey's Kingdom is a huge park that was built for the community, by the community. It was designed with every child in mind. everyone can play there safely, even in a wheelchair.

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Social Options

The Evansville social scene has certainly grown in the past few years. We have an adult arcade, escape rooms and even a place where we can throw axes.

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Local Sports Teams

Evansville is passionate about sports - And supporting our local teams is something we do a great job of. How cool is it that we get to see baseball games played a historic Bosse Field?

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Social Media Presence

We all know that the best way to get the word out about something, is to put it on social media. Evansville does an amazing job of promoting our city in fun ways, like Self E Alley.

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Franklin Street

Yes, a street is a reason to love Evansville. The food, entertainment and shops make Franklin Street a destination in our little city. Not to mention the Fall Festival!

Lamasco Photo, Amy Word
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