If you're planning a girls trip to Nashville or even just a couple's getaway, forget about staying in a hotel. This renovated barn will offer an unforgettable stay!

Located on 100 acres in Unionville TN only 50 miles from Nashville,The Barn at Whiskey River Retreat offers a stay where modern meets rustic. Whether you're planning a bachelor or bachelorette weekend with friends, wanting to getaway with the family, or looking to spend a quiet romantic weekend with your significant other, The Barn is a place that you need to look into.

The Barn can hold up to four guests with two separate accommodations perfect for two couples. This retreat offers an inclusive layout for hanging out including an awesome built in bar, indoor corn hole, a full kitchen, outdoor patio+grill, wood burning stove, and a unique pool. Oh, and they offer yoga and massage and spa packages as well. Imagine how beautiful this place will look in the fall!

Rates start at $152 a night. Split among friends, it's well worth the price. It's around the same amount that you would spend on a hotel in downtown Nashville. Here, you get the place all to yourself AND peace and quite. Check out The Barn for yourself!

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Check Out This Barn Retreat Outside of Nashville

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