Now, due to COVID-19 and the social distancing restrictions, working from home has become our new normal. Many people all over the world, are trying to juggle work and family from HOME. With this, comes a whole new set of challenges, ideas and inspiration.

My daughter, until recently, has been working from home since the pandemic began. Never, since the birth of my granddaughter, has she been able to spend so much time with Norah. It has been a joy for both of them. Well, a joy mixed with stress. As you know, if you are in this situation, work and a preschooler, just don’t mix.

But, something cool that has happened is that Norah has seen her at WORK. She has observed her working. Talking to people on the phone and through Zoom, having her many morning cups of coffee, and working on her computer for hours at a time. My daughter is a General Manager, so she works her normal time, but has to put fires out whenever and wherever they start. Norah has watched her juggle it all and now she has a boss model to go by when she is ready to play.

My daughter told me that Norah came into the dining room, where she had set up her home office, and ask my daughter to make some travel plans for her. When my daughter turned around, she saw Norah standing there with her tablet, pretend cell phone and a briefcase size book box. Norah told her she was going to have to go out of town, would need a hotel room and a flight, and that she was doing a good job. Norah is three years old.

Glowing with pride, for the boss lady she had cerated, she preceded to make her pretend travel arrangements. Norah reminds me so much of her mom. When she was a little girl,  on her third birthday, she asked for a briefcase with paper, folders and pens; and a cradle for her baby doll, Aqua. See what I mean? They could be twins.

This is why I was so excited to see that Fisher-Price has designed the My Home Office set. Its a part of their gown occupation toys and playlets. The work-from-home set is made up of eight pieces perfect for baby bosses to show off their skills, and costs $24.99.

Take a look! It’s so super cute.

Kids Can Play ‘Work From Home’ With New Office Play Set

These play sets are selling out everywhere, Amazon doesn’t even have them yet. But, If you go to fisher, you can sign up to get notified when more become available.

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