2020 has been a weird year, we've been dealt a deck of cards none of us have experience with. This also means many of our favorite events have been canceled out of an abundance of caution, one of those events was the annual Frog Follies.  Back in June we got the announcement that E'ville Iron Street Rods had no choice, but cancelling the annual car show.  Now they've updated their Facebook page with some new dates to look forward to!

Mark your calendars because the Frog Follies aren't going anywhere, this was just a speed bump not a road block (I keep telling myself this when dealing with things this year).  The Frog Follies will be back in 2021 on the weekend of August 27th-29th. That weekend you'll be able to catch all of the coolest pre-1948 hot rods.

I think all of us are ready for some normalcy to come back, and hopefully 2021 will bring us just that. I love going to car shows, and the Frog Follies is an event I grew up going to ever year, so it definitely felt weird this year not getting to see all the hot rods driving around Evansville, and spending a day at the 4H grounds.  I'm excited to do it again next year! The countdown is on!


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