An Ohio woman went to the police because her smoked pork looked more like a trouser snake.

Lamia Singfield felt that one of the tails looked more like a love dart as she prepared a meal on Facebook live according to,

Lamia Singfield of Akron said she had purchased a pack of smoked turkey tails from the grocery store to cook for dinner. But as she was cooking them in beans, she said something didn’t look right.

Singfield was trying out a new recipe that called for smoked pork tails which she purchased at Save A Lot.  She felt one of the items looked more like a human love muscle than a pig tail.  She decided to call the Akron police and tell them she might have found human remains in food she recently purchased.

The Akron police responded to the call Monday evening and took the mystery meat that looked like a manroot to the Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office for testing.

The good news: The medical examiner determined it is in fact a pig tail and not a lance of love.

The bad news: Lamia is now one pork tail short for her new recipe.

Save A Lot said they had no idea that the customer had an issue and said they have not had any complaints about their meat product in the past. Yeah, we've all heard that before.

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