If you have been browsing the web and social media for Halloween stuff, you may have come across THIS survey. I don't know where to start but I'll start with this disclaimer. If you do like or even love Kentucky's top choice for most popular Halloween candy, don't fret, I respect your decision. However, I have something to say.

To Whom It May Concern or in this case, the people behind the "Most Popular Halloween Candy in Each State" polls, surveys, and the like:

Listen, I know some people would rather eat something different or fruity for their candy choices, but at Halloween, it shouldn't be this complicated. I also understand there are consumers who may be allergic to chocolate, nuts, and other ingredients. However, I don't understand how or why Kentucky's favorite or top Halloween candy is...

Swedish Fish?

I personally have never consumed any. Nor do I know anyone personally who brags on Swedish Fish. I'll go even further, who is giving this candy out on Halloween? I don't recall ever seeing Swedish Fish prominently displayed among the troves of Halloween candy choices in stores.

According to your particular survey, Kentucky's top three Halloween candy choices are:

1. Swedish Fish 2. Tootsie Pops (better) and 3. Reese's Cups (you have got to be kidding me!?)

Our neighbors north of the river in Indiana have zero chocolate choices for their top three (Hot Tamales, Starburst, and Jolly Ranchers) Talk about a sweet tooth and again, some odd data.

I did, however, find the choices in Illinois to make more sense or at the very least, evenly distributed (Kit Kat, Sour Patch Kids, and Snickers).

Just who are you surveying? Is there a particular part of the state where Swedish Fish fans outweigh ALL the other Halloween candy? I just shake my head.

I will applaud your efforts, because getting all this data, which I'm guessing is based on sales, although your numbers indicate it's based on pounds sold, is not an easy job. And if you are trying to showcase all the types of candy that are available around the country, that's cool too. I'm thinking that's sort of the real logic behind the numbers.

But why Swedish Fish?

Yours truly and Happy Halloween,

Erin "I once dressed as Boy George for Halloween" Grant

**Back to you the reader, what is an odd Halloween candy you and only you love? Let me know.

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