Every year, around this time, the debate is reignited. As October 31st approaches, the topic of discussion becomes 'what is the best Halloween candy?' It's such a simple question, but it can be so destructive - forcing husbands to sleep on the couch, and causing best friends to come to blows. Okay, that might be just a bit dramatic, but people are passionate about their candy.

Let's expand the question a little bit. Instead of asking what your favorite Halloween candy is, how about the most popular candy in your state? Let's go even bigger, and see the most popular candy in every state of this Halloween-lovin' country of ours. The folks at Zippia.com did all the leg work for us and were kind enough to share the results. They used data from Google Trends to find the candy each state likes more than most others, and then put all the results into this easy-to-read map.

Take at look at the favorites for the Tri-State. Does that jibe with the candy that you crave?


I would say that, for the most part, the country has pretty good taste in candy, except for a couple states in the north east that have some serious explaining to do. I'm looking at you Connecticut and New Hampshire. What in the world is going on up there? This here map shows that your favorites are those disgusting orange and black candies (Connecticut) and doggone Circus Peanuts (New Hampshire). How in the world does that happen? Are things really that bad way up there in your neck of the woods? You gotta do better!

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