Hey, a free 40 dollars is better than zero dollars.

Generally when you link of class action suits, you think of those infomercials that you see during Judge Judy that are asking you some very personal questions for 3:30 in the afternoon. Those usually include you meeting with lawyers and while you might get a decent amount in a settlement, it looks like a lot of work.

This class action is different. If you qualify, you can get everything done in about 10 minutes and you could earn as much as 40 dollars. 40 bucks doesn't sound like a lot but if you extrapolate it out, it comes to earning $240 an hour, which is some "lawyer making up their own rules on charging people" kind of money.

So how do you get your 8 bucks? Pretty simple.

Have you gone to a movie theater or bought a cardboard box of any of these following candies?

  • Raisinets
  • Buncha Crunch
  • Butterfindger  Bites
  • Tollhouse Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels
  • Rainbow Nerds
  • SweeTarts
  • Spree
  • Gobstopper
  • Sno-Caps
  • Runts

It's not exactly a heavyweight lineup of candies but there are some winners in there. I'll never pass up a box of sno-caps.

It's all part of a settlement in the Thomas, et al. v. Nestle USA, INC., et al court case. It all stems from claims that Nestle was selling these candies in boxes that were much larger than necessary, that fooled people into thinking they were buying more candy than they actually were.

It's a pretty stupid lawsuit if you ask me. The boxes were still accurately labeled, and we see this kind of packaging all the time, but then again I'm not a judge.

Either way, you're entitled to 50 cents per purchase since 2013.

You can fill out the appropriate paperwork here. There's a pretty serious warning at the bottom of it about lying on the form, so don't make just anything up. I'm not sure how much they'll be looking into the claims since they're for 50 cents a piece, but I'd hate to have to go to jail for perjury and have to explain to my cellmate that I'm in for lying about candy purchases. It won't get you any jail cred.

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