A man trips over fiance's shoes, breaks several bones, marries her, then sues her?

John Walworth attempted to sue his wife Judy Khoury because she left her shoes at the top of the basement stairs.  The incident that left Walworth badly injured with several broken bones happened back in 2018 when the couple was engaged to be married. Apparently, Walworth's then fiance' Khoury asked him to carry something to the basement for him that lead to the awful fall according to Mlive,

Khoury had asked him to carry a box full of four one-gallon jugs of vinegar from her car to her basement, so he lugged the box through a back door.

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He claims that he fell because she left her shoes at the top of the basement stairs and he couldn't see them because of the box that she asked him to carry.  $18,000 worth of hospital bills and nearly $20,000 worth of missed income later, he took her to court.

It's not the lawsuit that puzzles me as much as the timeline.  The couple was engaged to be married when the tumble happened in Feb of 2018.  They then tied the knot in May of 2019.  Then 5 months later, Walworth files a lawsuit against his wife.  In the lawsuit, the husband says the wife "created dangerous conditions" and that the fall was "tragic and violent."

The 8th District Court of Appeals shot the lawsuit down.  In other words, Mr. Walworth cannot sue his wife for not watching where he was going.  Shockingly, the couple is still married.

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