You'd have to be illiterate to literally litter in front of a no-littering sign.

Near the corner of Knox Avenue and Lennox Avenue in Youngstown, Ohio you'll find a sign that says 'No Littering.' That sign didn't slow down a 33-year-old man who decided to dump an old mattress right in front of the sign.  Important note: the sign also indicated a fine of up to $1,000.

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What the mattress man didn't realize at the time is that he was being caught on camera littering in front of the no littering sign.  A woman that owns a house near the sign told law enforcement that she had recently evicted people from the home and she was angry with the former residents for leaving all of their stuff.  That tip led police to quickly identify and locate the litterbug according to,

Reports said an SUV matching the one caught on video pulled into the drive and eventually Shuler admitted to dumping the mattress in front of the sign because he was upset at the woman.

He not only confessed to dumping the mattress but said he did it out of anger.  He did tell the police that he would go back and clean up his mess.  The Ohio man was sited for littering.

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