An Ohio man went from having a Merry Christmas to a Marry Christmas after his light display sealed the deal.

Josh Bartek loves Christmas.  Christmas is hands down his favorite holiday.  You better believe Josh is all about decorating his home for the holidays.  In fact, it's pretty common for him to spell out words on the roof of his home with Christmas lights.  While on his roof last year he had a lightbulb moment.  That's when he began to plan his proposal.

His bride-to-be, Laquala Royal, was understandably confused by Josh's misdirection at the beginning of this romantic moment. In a video filmed by Laquala's daughter, you can see Josh handing her a ring box.

She opened the ring box to find what looks like a miniature Homer Simpson mooning her. If she suspected that he was about to pop the question, this weird moment likely threw her off the scent.  But then he put a blindfold on Laquala, led her to the deck, and put on one of her favorite songs, "Thinking Out Loud" by Ed Sheeran.

That's when Josh got on one knee and told her to remove the blindfold.  She saw the Christmas lights on the roof that spelled out "Marry Me" and a tear shot down her face.

You can watch the moment unfold as it was covered by WKBN 27.

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We thank the happy couple for sharing their beautiful moment with the world and wish them nothing but happiness.  However, is she really going to give up the awesome last name of Royal?

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