If you happened to be outside one night earlier this week, you may have seen a bright light streak across the sky over southern Indiana and western Kentucky, and thought, "What was that?" Of course, you were probably alone, so when you told people what you saw they probably thought you were losing your mind. But, rest assured, you are not. A bright light did quickly shoot across the sky Tuesday night that could be seen by anyone in southern Indiana or western Kentucky who happened to be looking up at the right time. So, what was it?

One of the people who saw it was Reddit user u/MyNameIsConnie who asked if any of the other members of the Evansville subreddit saw it too.

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U.F.O. Identified as a Meteor

Another Reddit user, u/trrwilson, answered the question with a link to an article from Beth Finello with CBS network affiliate, WANE-TV in Fort Wayne which said the unidentified flying object was actually a meteor.

According to a tweet from the National Weather Service in Indianapolis, the meteor produced such intense light as it cut through the night sky "around 10:00 PM EST" (9:00 PM Central) that a satellite that tracks lightning around the globe picked it up. What's even wilder is that it was actually detected over northern Kentucky between Louisville and the town of Carrollton (noted by the blue square in the photo below), roughly 120 miles away from where the Reddit user saw it.

Finello was able to acquire more detailed satellite images from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that you can see on the WANE-TV website.

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