If you've ever tried to visit a restaurant on Valentine's Day, you know they can be packed with couples.  I haven't seen actual statistics on the topic, but I would think that Valentine's Day is one of the busiest nights of the year for many restaurants.  When I worked at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown Louisville, that was certainly my experience. Valentine's Day meant a substantial wait for a table.  My friends and I slung plates of spaghetti virtually all night long.

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Well, one restaurant in Kentucky is doing something unique (and hilarious) this Valentine's Day. Mi Ranchito, a popular Mexican restaurant in Owensboro, just issued a challenge on social media. Sure, Valentine's Day is a day of romance for couples.

Damon Lam/Unsplash
Damon Lam/Unsplash

But Mi Ranchito isn't convinced that every Valentine's dinner requires a table for two. Some of those tables may need an extra chair or too.

Here's their tantalizing social media post!

As you can imagine, some of the responses have been a scream.

Tamia Baker tagged a couple of friends and said- No, they didn't!

Lindsey Lyons tagged Mi Ranchito with this- This is why I love this restaurant!

Danny Madewell joked- Mi Ranchito keeping it real!

Brandon Hanks though may have shared the sweetest response of all. He's clearly getting the Cupid Award and extra Valentine's Day points from his wife.

Volodymyr Tokar/Unsplash
Volodymyr Tokar/Unsplash

He replied: Does it count if I call my spouse my wife and lover but still feels like my girlfriend? 10 years later and still get butterflies around her.

Mi Ranchito is located at 1146 Carter Road in Owensboro, KY.

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