If your food groups are made up of candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup, then you are going to love these 'Elf' inspired coffee creamers. Two of the flavors were available last year, and they have added a new one for 2020.

Judging from the online reviews of 'Buddy the Elf' Frosted Sugar Cookie, it's worth buying in bulk. There is even a recipe for sugar cookies, using the creamer. Yum!

'Buddy the Elf' Peppermint Mocha caters to a very specific coffee drinker. I have to really be ready for Christmas, before I want anything peppermint flavored. Sugar cookies, on the other hand, could be year round.

I can't wait to try 'Buddy the Elf' Caramel Waffle Cookie. It's described as tasting like "A rich, drizzly caramel flavor on top of a toasted waffle cookie." 

Photo: International Delight Elf Flavors
Photo: International Delight Elf Flavors

I had no idea there were so many different coffee creamer flavors. I'm usually just a plain coffee girl, with the exception of mocha. If you have an idea for a new flavor, you can actually submit it to International Delight for consideration. Their flavor innovation team looks at every idea submitted, but you won't get paid for your idea. The Test Creamery is meant to share the best coffee ideas, in hopes of someday seeing them in stores.

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