I have to say that seeing things like this are pretty awesome.  One reason being that this summer was not spent binging hours upon hours of whatever we could find on Netflix.  The Tri-State actually hit the books this summer.

Every Summer the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library host their Summer Reading Celebration.  What makes this year stand out, however, is the amount of reading that took place.  From May 23rd to August 1st participants managed to log over 500,000 minutes of reading.  That is awesome!  Especially when you consider that this year was all virtual and most library locations were not open to the public.

Readers of all ages were asked to imagine their own story and share that with others.  Each week readers could log just how many minutes they read and earn different accomplishment badges along the way.  What else was really cool about the program is that readers could also win prizes the more they read.  This includes passes to Mesker Park Zoo, eReaders, gift cards and more.  Obviously, the more you read, the better chance you had to win some of those prizes.  It's safe to assume that a lot of prizes were handed out this summer.

EVPL CEO Director, Scott Kinney, had this to say about the success of the program.

"During a unique summer, I am thrilled so many readers turned to EVPL to participate in both an educational and entertaining experience."

Getting that many minutes of reading logged is something that the EVPL should be very proud of.  Kind of makes you want to run out and find your next reading adventure.

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