Evansville's Moore Music has made a generous donation that will have a huge impact for students and teachers in the Evansville Vanderburgh School corporation. 700 classrooms will be equipped with resources to help expand the EVSC's Growth in Academics through Innovation and Neuroeducation (or GAIN) - an approach taken by the EVSC to aid in educating "the whole child." The GAIN program is a combination of high-quality learning and teaching with social emotional skills - skills like critical thinking, creativity and responsibility. Skills that students need to learn, grow and be successful.

According to a press release:

Specifically, the donation from Moore Music provides teachers with additional tools and funding to develop a video series they can use in their classrooms. These videos teach students how to use mindfulness practices to reduce and cope with their stress. Teachers can use the videos throughout the day to help manage stress and refuel students for learning.

Students from all backgrounds enter school while experiencing stress. Typical stress can stem from general anxieties, while more traumatic stress stems from violence in the home, addiction, or abuse. “These experiences can create barriers in education for our students, especially if stress is prolonged,” stated Maureen Barton, EVSC Foundation Executive Director. “Moore Music’s positive, forward-thinking attitude is helping EVSC further develop a program that goes beyond the classroom and reaches our school families and communities.”

“As a school community, we are thankful for Moore Music’s investment, especially for children relying on extra support due to negative COVID-19 experiences,” said Barton. “Also,15 schools will be outfitted with self-calming classrooms for students who need a reduction of stimuli to begin to focus and return to learning.”


The donation stemmed from visits to Evans School where Moore Music leadership witnessed the success teachers had developing self-regulation skills with their students. “This is going to change the world, starting here in Evansville,” said Brett Mulzer, owner of Moore Music. “...I’m blown away.”

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