Rush Limbaugh has made a sizeable and unusual donation to the tornado-damaged town of Joplin, Missouri.

The town that was ravaged by an EF5 tornado in May received a truckload of iced tea from Premiere Networks talk superstar Rush Limbaugh to help celebrate the Fourth of July weekend. EIB Network GM Kraig Kitchin says Limbaugh asked his audience which town in America should receive the shipment of his new product – Two If By Tea – and the overwhelming response was Joplin, Missouri. Kitchin says, “Fifteen to twenty thousand entries came in from around the United States -- an overwhelming number of them for Joplin. Most of them not from the residents of Joplin, but from people around the United States who thought there's a resilience and an endurance to survive and the American spirit here.” A truck with tens of thousands of bottles of tea, a U-Haul full of ice and hundreds of volunteers helped bring enough tea for every resident of Joplin.

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