I have some family members who have been mechanics, but I doubt even they have seen this many catalytic converters in one place. Missouri police recently shared news of a staggering amount of these vehicle parts that were found in just one house.

The Joplin Police Department dropped this picture and a press release on their Facebook page on December 17.

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In case you can't read the small print from the Facebook post, I'll summarize. Joplin, Missouri police have been investigating stolen catalytic converters and served a search warrant at 419 N Walnut Avenue in Joplin. They found a grand total of 98 catalytic converters valued at around $60,000. They say this is the 2nd time they've searched this residence. Charges were forward to the district attorney for Pamela Sims for 1) Information required for Catalytic Converter transactions (Class B Misdemeanor), 2) Licenses required for certain businesses (class A Misdemeanor), and 3) Stealing (Class D Felony).

A reminder of the innocent until proven guilty aspect of an investigation like this. No matter how you slice it, that is a heck of a lot of catalytic converters. 11 Alive did a deep dive into why thieves target these converters and it all boils down to the platinum present.

One person commented that as long as this theft remains a misdemeanor, the problems will continue. There is a push by many states to increase catalytic converter thefts to a felony. Makes you wonder if even that would make crazy pictures of a truck bed full of converters any less rare.

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