Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and Leadership Evansville hope to get your attention with BAM! It stands for Big Action Meeting - and the first one is TODAY at The Centre at 5:30pm.

Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke and Leadership Evansville Executive Director Lynn Miller Pease will host this Big Action Meeting, and will be joined by community members who participated in VOICE as well as any other community members interested in participating from this point forward. The City of Evansville and LE want to ensure that all visions were captured and expressed correctly during the first phase of VOICE. As promised, we are communicating back to the VOICE participants, stakeholders and the broader community what came out of the VOICE visioning sessions and what participants shared as their visions for our community.

VOICE brought together over 1,700 diverse community members to participate in 32 facilitator-led group discussions that allowed them to articulate and document their visions for Evansville’s preferred future. With the first visioning phase concluded, the second phase of VOICE consists of communicating the outcomes and next steps to all VOICE participants so that they know their VOICE was heard. At this meeting, LE will announce the follow up dates for the conversations to build strategic actions around the three top-priority themes that rose to the top during the VOICE sessions and were echoed by the majority of participants. LE will continue to facilitate this process.