Southern Indiana will soon be home to its first-ever inflatable waterpark!

When it comes to summer fun on the water and waterparks, there are no shortages of that in southern Indiana. Most notably, we have Splashin' Safari, Big Splash Adventure, and several beaches from Patoka Lake, Lincoln State Park, and Scales Lake. However, we will be able to have a little more summer fun on the water in Pike County with our very first inflatable waterpark!

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Inflatable Waterpark Coming To Pike County, Indiana

There's a 266-acre Boy Scout Reservation, Old Ben Boy Scout Reservation, in Pike County that will soon be getting a makeover. Clint Swisher, the owner/operator of Lake Monroe JellyStone will be converting this area into a new campground and aquapark that will be known as Old Ben AquaPark and Campground. According to Pike County Economic Development Corporation:

The charm of Pike County, Indiana is the outdoors recreational assets, and this is a prime example. Pike County’s quality of life amenities are rich, and we have much untapped potential. The future plans for Old Ben include a large inflatable aquapark on the lake with canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and more with camp sites for tents and campers. It will be summer retreat to enjoy the great outdoors.
They will also have events going on every hour during the day in the park and look to refurbish the zipline and rock-climbing wall at Old Ben. They will plan have food and drinks available for the campers and day-pass visitors. The second phase of Old Ben AquaPark is to build and locate an event space for weddings, class reunions, graduation parties, etc. Old Ben AquaPark will be a great asset to Pike County and to make this operation even better, they plan to work with the Boy Scouts to continue having camping retreats and events at the Old Ben AquaPark. This is a win-win for the community!

As of now, there is no timeline on when we can expect Old Ben AquaPark and Campground to open. However, it will be a much-welcomed addition to our area. I know that I speak for so many of us here in Southern Indiana when I say that I can not wait to see what this place will look like once completed. Kids and families alike will have a blast here!

Here's a little taste of what we could expect at Old Ben AquaPark when it opens. This is an inflatable waterpark in Oklahoma. I'd imagine that the Pike County inflatable waterpark would be somewhat similar to this:

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