To say that Wrigleyville has changed over the last 15 years would be a bit of an understatement.

The drunken, slightly dirty, haven for 20-somethings has turned into a drunken, family friendly-ish, very expensive place for tourists.

Think Navy Pier, just farther from the water with more Cubs signage. And one less Ferris Wheel. For now. Don't give Tom Ricketts anymore ideas.

Wrigleyville is now a tourist trap. It makes me sad on a fundamental level to know that those good times around the ballpark are gone forever, but I don't really care. It's not like I was going to revisit those days anytime soon.

A Wrigleyville hangover in your 40s will actually kill you.

But the fact remains that the area has definitely changed.

I've slept in Wrigleyville dozens of times and I think the most it ever cost me was a case of beer. Back then the only way you were sleeping in Wrigleyville was if you lived there, visited someone who lived there, or passed out at the Taco Bell.

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I've done two of those three things.

Now? You have a few places to choose from. One of the nicest is the Hotel Zachary across the street from Wrigley Field.

Truly a lovely property.

Much nicer than the Taco Bell. In theory at least.

And while it was hard to spend more than $100 bucks at the Taco Bell, it looks like it might be hard to keep your bill under $1000 at Hotel Zachary.

The lofty prices of the Hotel Zachary were put on display over the weekend when a visiting Cardinal fan shared her checkout bill from a two night stay at Hotel Zachary.

Fifteen hundred bucks for a two-night stay in Wrigleyville. $660 a night with about 250 bucks in additional fees and taxes thrown in.

After checking the website, this isn't even for a suite. This is for at most a room with a double bed.

As Bob Dylan said, "Times, they are a-changin'." And it looks like they're changing into something I cannot afford.

I'm happy for the Cubs and their success, I'm sure they'll put this money toward fielding a competitive team.

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