I grew up in Kentucky which meant three things:

  • The goldenrod (the most terrible allergy weed ever) is to be revered as it is the KY state flower.
  • You learn "My Old Kentucky Home" as an infant or you might get exiled to Indiana.
  • The best day of the year isn't Christmas or your birthday - it's the first Saturday in May.
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Ah the Kentucky Derby. The most exciting two minutes in sports.
Big ole beautiful steeds gallop as fast as they can around a track that's a mile and a quarter long. And if you aren't from Kentucky or have ever been to the Derby, you might not realize the culture that surrounds this annual event.
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For instance, there's food that's exclusively associated with the Derby. Derby Pie is my absolute favorite. And you can make it at home or buy it but it will never be as good as Churchill's Derby Pie. And there's also a very unique dress code that everyone is expected to adhere to. Mainly... ladies get out those big ole beautiful hats because it's almost Derby Day!


The Wildest Hats from the Kentucky Derby

Every time I go to the Derby, I see a new set of hats that range from breathtaking to laugh-out-loud. True masterpieces. Here are some of my favorite fun hats from past Derbys. 

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