Why am I always asking the question, "Why have I never heard this before?" How are Kentucky legends getting past me? I'm such a Fox Mulder when it comes to this subject..."I want to believe."

Now, to be honest, I'd rather werewolves NOT exist; I prefer being at the top of the food chain. But I'm a big werewolf fan, so this new-to-me Kentucky legend has me deeply intrigued.


I am familiar with many legends that have originated from the Commonwealth, but the Kentucky Dogman is one that is only just now coming to my attention. And, apparently, there are enough accounts to interest the documentary production crew from Small Town Monsters, who have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get an episode about this legend produced.

I have been searching for stories of encounters with the Dogman and haven't found very many of them. But one from The Crypto Crew is interesting.


A contributor shares a story about a drive home from work in 1983 in the Murray, Kentucky area and not far from Land Between the Lakes. She describes a tall, slender creature, moving very fast, that seemed "mischievous, not harmful." From MY standpoint, it sounds like she could also be describing Bigfoot, although I've never heard our favorite cryptid (a creature whose existence is unsubstantiated) described as being SLENDER.

And it's totally fair to give her the benefit of the doubt; nowhere in her retelling of the incident does she say she thought it was Bigfoot. And most people with Bigfoot stories don't leave him out. Plus, she says she could see its skin and it looked pink.


Here's another story about the Dogman from western Kentucky.

But here's one from EASTERN Kentucky.

There's even been a movie based on regional folklore. It's called The Beast of LBL. I have never heard of this movie and cannot find a trailer for it. But the Internet Movie Database seems to be well aware of it.

And if the crew from Small Town Monsters can get its documentary produced, I will be all ears.

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