It's that time of year when the weather likes to be a little unpredictable. I feel like this time of year we're always getting a prediction of snow or ice and it never quite turns out like expected. Either way, there's a chance that we may see some ice in the Tri-State area that could seriously impact travel on Thursday, so it's never a bad thing to be prepared.

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And with being prepared INDOT took to social media to let their following know that they are at a full carry, and will have nearly 1,000 trucks out treating roads across the state of Indiana. Here's what INDOT said about the upcoming winter weather, and what they're doing to prepare:

Love it or hate it, it’s coming either way.
The National Weather Service has put the entire state in either a winter storm warning or winter storm watch category. INDOT is at a full call out with nearly 1,000 trucks starting overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning.
Unless absolutely necessary, please stay off the roads. It takes between 2-3 hours for plows to return to the beginning of a route, so roads may become impassable, depending on snowfall rates, wind etc.
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It still seems like reports are a little all over the place with what we could be seeing in the Tri-State area this Wednesday/ Thursday, but it's never a bad thing to be prepared just in case. I'd rather be over-prepared than under pre-pared. We'll keep you posted as we learn more, be sure to download the free 103 GBF mobile app so you don't miss an update.

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