I found these at a store in Evansville, and my mind went "huh?"

Have you ever been eating some Ketchup and thought "wow this would go great with ranch!"  Well good news, Heinz knew you've been thinking that way, so they've come out with Kranch, and it's exactly what it sounds like a mix of ketchup and ranch.  They also have a Maychup which is, again what it sounds like, a mix of mayo and ketchup.  While the Kranch one throws me for a bit of a loop, the Mayochup makes a bit more sense to me.  I could see myself putting Maychup on a burger, as I enjoy both mayo, and kechup on my burger, this is just like cutting out the middle man.


I went to Heinz's website and it turns out they've got a nice selection of flavor mashup sauces.

  • HoneyRacha
  • Kranch
  • MayoChup
  • MayoCue
  • MayoMust
  • MayoRacha

I happened to be walking down the grocery aisles the other day and when I saw Kranch and MayoChup I had to snap a pic. I thought they were such odd, yet intriguing flavor combos.

Soooo, would you try any of these?

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