Growing up in rural Indiana, I was surrounded by farms. Those farming families went to school with me and even though, we didn't have a farm, they all felt like they were family. The farmer's sense of community and hard work carried over into all of our lives. I have always been grateful to have grown up living, going to school, and working alongside such amazing people.

Later when I started working in country radio and promoting the county fairs, my appreciation and gratitude for farmers grew even stronger. Our Tristate farming community is amazing. And, I think they deserved to be thanked every day. In fact, I think we should start doing a farmer shout-out at the start of the morning. We all know the farmer given the shout-out will be up and adam at 6 am to hear it.

I found this wonderful tribute to Indiana farmers on Facebook. It was shared in one of my Facebook groups by Rita Cummings of Cloverdale, IN. Her husband Tom painted this incredible billboard as a thank you and tribute to local hard-working farmers. Now, I'm turning into a tribute to farmers everywhere.

Tom amd Rita Cummings/Facebook
Tom amd Rita Cummings/Facebook

Thank you, Tom, for taking the time to show your, and our immense, gratitude to all of the farmers who help keep us fed every day.

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When I was a child, I remember hearing a loud, deep, stern yet gentle voice ming out of the car speakers of my mom and dad's radio. The voice always told a story that had a meaningful message. On my hometown radio station WBOW, that voice belonged to Paul Harvey. He was a syndicated radio personality who was heard on radio stations all over the world. His tribute to farmers is so poignant and meaningful, it will bring a tear to your eye.

Even superstar county artists offer tributes to farmers.

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