Some kids are going back to school this week and some parents are also going back to work after months and months and months and months away from their desks. 

One of those women is Tiki Huey.

Tiki is an incredible mom and a big fan of 97ZOK. I first met her on National Donut Day, I think in 2018?

She and her daughter, Zoey stopped by Woodman's to score some free donuts and I knew that not only was she an awesome mom, but also a really fun person to be around.

So I'm guessing, having to work from home and not getting to hang out with a ton of people was quite a bummer for Tiki.

She sent in a ton of photos to the radio station and the TV station in the last year about eating breakfast and working on her kitchen table, how she recently celebrated Zoey's 11th birthday and she just posted this which I couldn't help but share.

Tiki Huey, Facebook
Tiki Huey, Facebook

That Busch Light needed Tiki as much as Tiki needed it.

I'm not a beer drinker, but apple beer does sound pretty good.

I can't imagine working from home for as long as Tiki did, but I know that if I did go back to a full day of work after months of being at home, I would need more than one drink for sure.

Cheers to you, Tiki and to everyone else who is dealing with a new version of an old schedule.

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