We all love our pets. They are a part of our family. But, just like family, they sometimes behave badly. And by badly, I mean dumping the trash, or ripping up the carpet. You know, stuff that is unbelievable and infuriating. But, after the shock and anger are over, we can't help but laugh. Those things.

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Right now, out cat Emmy refuses to use the litter box. She only wants to poop by the toilet or in front of the pantry. It's crazy! She never did it before, just in the last few months. She'll do it right in front of us, too. Drives us crazy, but we love her, darn it.

My Facebook friend, Kayla, from Newburgh, IN, has three dogs that make big messes. Meet her Golden Retrievers.

Simba and Shadow . Same mom and dad different litter. Archie- the stubborn pup will be 1 year in Feb. Archie is the nephew- shadows litters sister— if you can follow all of that Simba just turned 5 and Shadow will be 4 next month.
Kayla Yeh/Facebook
Kayla Yeh/Facebook

Just so we know and can try to keep them straight, Kayla captioned the above photo like this,

The king, the perfect puppy and the a-hole one.

In our Facebook question of the day, we asked for examples of bad pet behavior, this is what Kayla sent us. Seems Simba and Shadow got into some major mud in the backyard and just couldn't understand what all the fuss was about.

One of their twinning videos on TikTok went viral. Tis time they weren't being bad just too darn cute.

While we are calling dogs out, she didn't want to leave Archie, her super stubborn puppy, out of the bad boy crew. He's trouble on another level. . LOL

Comment your stories, photos and videos of your pets behaving badly, HERE.

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