Seeking hatless cowboy.  We found a super nice cowboy hat after Lip Sync Battle this weekend and we want to return it to its rightful owner.


Angel here and I am not one to lose stuff.  I know that won't surprise most of you but most of the time I'm pretty OCD about my things so I have always wondered how people just lose their things.  I mean I have misplaced stuff but I mean what about important stuff like when I'm driving down the road and I see a random piece of clothing.  Saturday night as Joe and I were leaving Lip Sync Battle out of the back of the Convention Center doors there was a Black Justin's Cowboy Hat just hanging out on the ground all alone.  I stopped and picked it up and told Joe.  He says "Yeah it's been there since the beginning of the night."  I said why didn't you pick it up.  He told me he left it in case someone dropped it and was coming back outside to get it.  I picked it up and brought it to the station this morning hoping we could find who it belongs to.  If it belongs to you please contact Chad or me through messenger or stop by the station during business hours and we will gladly return it.

P.S. If someone doesn't come to get it Chad will probably keep wearing it around the studio...HELP ME!

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When my brother, Charlie, was younger he got a brand-new pair of shoes (like really expensive ones).  He and my momma were going to town to his practice so he grabbed his new shoes put them on top of the car as he was getting in and they headed on their way.  As they drove one shoe fell off and then a little way on down the road the other shoe fell.  When they were coming back home my brother noticed a shoe in the road and back then that was unusual.  He asked my mom to stop so he could pick up the shoe.  Driving a little further he notices the other shoe in the road (still not realizing these are his shoes mind you).  Excitedly, he tells my mom to stop quickly because that is the mate to the shoe they've just found.  When they return home he proceeds to give the shoes away to his friend because he has a pair exactly like them at home LOL.  Seriously, you can't make this crap up.


Moral of the story:  People really can lose stuff without realizing it.

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