Deer season has come early for hunters throughout the state of Indiana.

September 15th marks the first day for Deer Reduction Zones in Indiana. These zones give hunters the chance to harvest deer in "defined urban areas and along portions of Indiana highways, in addition to statewide bag limits," according to Indiana DNR.

What are Deer Reduction Zones?

Deer reductions zones (DRZs) are areas that have high deer populations along with high human density or use. These zones create an increased risk in deer/vehicle collisions, personal property damage, and creates concerns about the local ecology. In an effort to combat these issues, Indiana DNR has created several Deer Reduction Zones throughout the state for hunters to take deer in the area. According to Indiana DNR:

The goal is to reduce deer-human conflict; it is not to eliminate the deer population. Incorporating or increasing hunting helps manage deer populations and increases deer wariness of humans, which can also reduce conflicts.

Deer Reduction Zone Hunting Information

Deer Reduction Zone hunts begin on September 15, 2021, through Jan. 31, 2022. You must have a hunting license to hunt in these zones. Not only that, hunters must secure permission from landowners and/or land management authorities prior to hunting a property located within a deer reduction zone.

Public land in a Deer Reduction Zone must be hunted within one-half mile on either side of the indicated road. It goes without saying that you must stay within the boundaries of the Deer Reduction Zone too. Each property could have different rules for deer hunting, so again, make sure you contact the landowner/land management before hunting the land.

One more thing that should be noted here is that it is "illegal to hunt, shoot at, or kill a deer or to shoot at any deer from within, into, upon, or across any public road," according to Indiana DNR.

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What is the bag limit in these Deer Reduction Zones?

During these Deer Reduction Zone Hunts, you are able to bag a total of ten deer. Hunters are limited to only one antlered deer (buck). In order to meet the requirement for the bag limit, hunters must have an antlerless deer (doe) in the Deer Reduction Zone before an antlered deer.

Indiana Deer Reduction Zones in the Evansville Area

Evansville Deer Reduction Zones:

The portion of Vanderburgh County south of East Boonville-New Harmony Road, except the:

  • The area south of Interstate 164/Veteran’s Memorial Parkway (from the Warrick County line to the east extending to where it intersects Main Street of Evansville along the Ohio River Shore to the west); and
  • The area south of the intersection of Broadway Avenue and the Posey County Line (to the west) extending east to Bayou Creek Road and east to the Ohio River (with Bayou Creek Road extending east to the Ohio River).

Warrick County Deer Reduction Zones:

Is the portion of the county south of State Road 62 from the Warrick/Vanderburgh county line to State Road 61, then bounded as follows:

  • South along State Road 61 to State Road 66;
  • West along State Road 66 to French Island Trail;
  • West along French Island Trail to Jennings Street;
  • West along Jennings Street to Old State Road 662;
  • West along Old State Road 662 to State Road 662; and
  • West along State Road 662 to the Warrick/Vanderburgh County line.
Indiana DNR
Indiana DNR

There are several Deer Reduction Zones all throughout Indiana, to find out where those are, you can click on the DNR page here.


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