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Evansville Business Reports Bottles of Urine Being Thrown on Their Property


The popular Evansville area Facebook page, EvansvilleWatch, which monitors the police scanner and shares the information announced, shared a post this morning that, to no surprise, generated a number of reactions from its followers. According to the report, a business owner on Evansville's east side had a unique issue they had reported to the police; someone has been throwing plastic water bottles filled with urine at their business. Apparently, this wasn't a new issue, but one that had been occurring twice a week for the past FIVE MONTHS!

While the specific business wasn't named, the address provided by EvansvilleWatch in the post is for the Green River North Plaza at the corner of Green River Road and Temple Avenue. The business complex is home to a Verizon store, Big Bang Mongolian Barbecue, a nail salon, and a Shelter Insurance agent among others.

One piece of the report I find intriguing is that whoever is responsible is only using empty Aquafina brand bottles. I'm guessing that's not the kind of free publicity the Aquafina marketing department is looking for.

As of this writing, no surveillance photos or videos of a potential subject have been released by the business, leaving Evansville Police investigators little to no leads. If you have any information that may point them in the direction of a possible suspect, contact the Department's Tip Line at (812) 435-6194, or the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor's anonymous WeTip Hotline at 1-800-78-CRIME (27463).

[Source: EvansvilleWatch on Facebook]

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