Warrick County Animal Control is seeking your help in pet food donations for their Community Pet Food Pantry.

Warrick County Animal Control does so much more in the community than taking in stray animals in Warrick County. As a matter of fact, they also offer a Community Pet Food Pantry. The Community Pet Food Pantry goes to help pet owners in Warrick County feed their pets when they may have fallen on hard times or during any other unforeseen circumstances. Dog and cat owners in Warrick County can stop by and grab some food for their four-legged family members free of charge at the WCAC Pet Food Pantry.

Portrait of cute dog Jack Russell Terrier and cheerful cat Scottish Straight isolated on white background

Of course, because of the limited supply, this is subject to availability. Unfortunately, right now, there is currently no availability, as the WCAC Pet Food Pantry is empty. That's why they took to Facebook today to seek the public's help for cat and dog food donations. Warrick County Animal Control says that they will accept cat and dog food of any type, size, or brand.

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How To Donate Pet Food To The WCAC Pet Food Pantry

If you are able to help out, there are a few ways in which you can donate cat and/or dog food. Their post reads:

HELP! Our Community Pet Food Pantry is empty! We are accepting cat and dog food of any type, size, or brand! You can drop off on the front porch at 655 Roth Rd or call us to schedule a pick up at 812-897-6107. Thank you for helping us help others in need.

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