I've seen animals on doorbell cams many times. That's not news. I've even seen some ring doorbells. However, this Illinois squirrel really does seem to be waiting on someone to answer with a purpose.

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This happened in Warrenville, Illinois. It's more or less Chicago just north of Naperville. The homeowner offered this simple explanation:

Our Vivint surveillance video picked up a squirrel visiting our front porch. Then he rang the doorbell too.

Is he waiting for a nut donation or wanting Bullwinkle to come out and play?

This fun doorbell moment reminded me of a viral video of a squirrel eating a cracker recently which isn't good for the squirrel. Perky Pets recommends if a squirrel rings your doorbell (it can happen), give them nuts, corn or even Oreos. I'll take some Oreos, too, if you're offering.

There are worse ways to spend your time than feeding door-to-door squirrels.

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