Thanks to doorbell cameras, we're seeing more strange encounters than ever before. That includes a wild scene that was recorded by a Midwestern doorbell cam recently as it witnessed a head-on collision and eventually a shootout.

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Here's the backstory from the video description:

Two cars started shooting at each other driving at very high speed on my block and collided head on in front of my house. One person was shot. Some ran away through the neighbors' yards. One had to be extracted from the driver side. Seven were caught and booked. The youngest, 15 years old, and 2 are still at large.

NOTE: It's mentioned in a news report from WISN that some of the individuals are allegedly firing on each other just prior to the crash. That's not easily discernable in the video fortunately.

I found more information about this crash on WISN out of Milwaukee. They report that 7 people were taken into custody and only 1 person suffered a serious injury. It's not mentioned if that was due to the crash or the gunfire that followed.

TMJ 4 added interviews with neighbors and even more details to what happened.

No matter what the origin of this conflict was, it's a sad moment for any neighborhood to have to witness violence like this. While doorbell cams capture interesting moments, this is one we could do without.

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