It's no secret that this is the busiest delivery season of the year. One delivery man faced the ultimate challenge as a friendly dog kept returning the package he was trying to leave at a home over and over again.

For understandable reasons, there's no exact location given, but I know this happened in Minnesota based on the video title. The FedEx guy is doing his best to get the package to the front door. Unfortunately for him, the family dog really likes to play fetch. A lot.

This was the episode of delivery man versus dog as captured by the family's doorbell camera.

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Even with a bit of video looping, I was mentally worn out by the time it ended. The dog just will not take no for an answer.

The past 2 years have been difficult on all of us and especially challenging for the delivery industry. Stories of packages being thrown into "the abyss" and left in ditches give the good drivers a bad name. This driver deserves kudos for being determined on getting the package delivered and keeping a positive sense of humor with a persistent dog.

Well done, sir...and to the dog...GOOD BOY.

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