When your hand is attached to the leash of an enthusiastic dog, you gotta pay attention. One Missouri man didn't and a doorbell camera documented the flight that followed.

Based on the video description, this happened near Kansas City a few days ago. There's a fun backstory told by the person who he was visiting:

My friend was over with his dog and decided to take him on a walk. He got back to my house and was browsing his phone right before he was about to open the door and head inside. He wasn't paying attention and his dog went after another dog. The flex lead let the dog get too much speed, and when it reached its max length my friend went flying.

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Prepare for puppy-powered LIFT OFF.

As usual, the comments on YouTube in response to this were very helpful. Here are a few favorites:
ram Teja - "Don't use extenders, use the normal ones, and don't use the phone while walking your dog, it's a cute nuclear reactor in public."

ZenMaster - "When none of your skill points go into perception."


That last one was my favorite. I can practically hear the Lone Ranger theme playing when I read that in my mind.

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