Dude gets loaded, goes the wrong way down a one way road, crashes into cop car, and was wearing ONLY undies and socks. HUFFPOST

Mr. Arsenio Garcia after ELEVEN AM ON A SUNDAY because of a concerned citizen. Yo, there's a naked dude and he's drunk.

Richard Nelson

So cops followed the "drunk underwear guy" down a road, the wrong way, and crashing into a squad car. Cops rolled up to the driver side door and dude literally fell out of the car. Garcia is flat on his face, wearing undies and socks. Cops open door, and plop. Almost naked dude.


The drunken Undie Bandit had only minor injuries, and so did the cop in the squad car that was hit. The drinky fella was busted, and racked up quite the list of charges:

  • misdemeanor DUI
  • driving without a license
  • driving with no insurance
  • damage to public property 
  • dirty panties
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So let's review Mr. Garcia here...It's 11am on a Sunday. So I'm going with communion wine. He's loaded and driving down a one way road the WRONG way. He crashed into a police car and then gets out of his own car, falling flat on his face only wearing his underwear and socks.

If you are gonna go, go hard I guess? Officers originally spotted the 2010 black 4-door Honda Accord flying down an alley, and that was a tip that things weren't gonna end well.

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