For years, former Freeport educator George Buss played the role of "Abraham Lincoln." He is a tall man, that dressed the part quite well. The look, the outfit, the pride, of playing the part of Abe Lincoln. George also took pride in being a sick, sick man. Mr. Buss has officially pleaded guilty and there is no sentence big enough. MyStateline



George Buss "Honest" Abe has pleaded guilty to child pornography and patronizing a prostitute. This former teacher has given a black eye to the school district and the city of Freeport.

Early in 2020 an investigation started, and in August Buss was arrested. There have been rumors of Buss "grooming" students to go along with the actually charges of being in possession of child porn and patronizing a prostitute.

Back in 2018, Buss represented the city of Freeport when he traveled to Washington D.C. to take part in a "Lincoln Douglas reenactment of the historical duo’s debates."

So sad that a man that went out of his way and made it a passion to entertain families, destroys them as well. Buss was an educator that parents put their trust in, and then became an entertained that once again, parents put their trust in. This sick individual will hopefully find his new home behind bars, to be an "honest" one.

After performer at the "Yes Club’s President’s Day School’s Out Workshop" at the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center, back in 2018...

“It’s my role to be of an encouragement to these young emerging leaders as they move forward, they’re on the right track. They need to be encouraged to continue.” - George Buss


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