I know that events like this are rare, but this is one reason I've always had a fear of going to the dentist. An Illinois man went to one recently and ended up with a drill bit in his lungs.

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I first saw this story shared by Yahoo News. Tom Jozsi went to the dentist in Kenosha, Wisconsin. During a procedure, he inhaled an inch-long drill bit that ended up in his lungs. In all fairness, this doesn't appear to be a fault of the dentist, just crazy-bad timing. He inhaled at the exact wrong time which is what caused the object to go down his air passage.

The good news is that Tom Jozsi is fine. As they mentioned in their report, they were able to use an x-ray that is used for early detection of lung cancer to help navigate the operation to get the drill bit out of Tom's lungs. He said that if it hadn't been successful, he likely would have lost that lung. Terrifying.

Perhaps don't share this story with your kids the next time you're telling them it's time for a dental checkup. You can get even more details in the WISN 12 ABC report.

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