It's baby time for a family of monkeys at the St. Louis Zoo.

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Ficus was born on March 21 to Cecelia, a 22-year-old colobus monkey. This is her seventh child so she is a pro by now in raising little monkeys, no pun intended. This guy is actually the first money to be born in the new Primate Canopy Trails house at the St. Louis Zoo. The new house has been under construction since 2019 and is a 35,000 square foot outdoor expansion connected to the original primate house that we are all used to seeing. It cost $13 million and consists of eight new outdoor homes for primates, visitors can watch primates in their habits, climb on structures, and learn so much more about primates.

That is where you will now find Ficus, who made his debut for everyone to visit and meet. The new momma has a team (human and animal) to help her care for the new baby. Momma monkey will be in charge of feeding and sleeping and her army will take care of the rest. It really does take an army to raise a child. Ficus is one of eleven baby monkeys that have been born through the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan to help populate their species.

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