I have no shame in saying that I am a proud member of Bachelor Nation. I have faithfully watched nearly every season, even the snooze fest 'The Bachelor Presents: Listen to Your Heart'. But I was never sold on Clare being the new Bachelorette. Remembers when she talked to a trash panda, I mean, raccoon?

That was six years ago, and now it seems that Clare has found her future husband, before her season even began. This is pretty disappointing to me, because I was quite excited to see if former Rockport, IN resident Blake Monar would get the final rose. Considering the fact that after three episodes, we haven't seen him interact with Clare, I would say he's not her person.

Who is Blake Monar?

  • Let's first acknowledge that fact that Blake should not have any problem finding a woman. Of course that's simply based on his looks - Hello tattoos.
  • He's a former baseball player. You might've seen him play with the Evansville Otters between 2013-2015. He's one of the rareleft handed pitchers in baseball, and if it weren't for a neuromuscular injury, he might still be playing ball. He was drafted by the New York Yankees, and even with the little bit that I know about sports, that's a big deal.
  • Blake now lives in Phoenix, AZ and his occupation is listed as 'Male Grooming Specialist'.
  • He is the founder of Statum Style, an all-natural premium grooming company dedicated to providing timeless, sophisticated looks.
  • Even if his journey on The Bachelorette ends, this exposure will help build his brand. I would also nominate him to be the next Bachelor!

Now, we know that Tayshia's season will pick up as Clare's ends early, but will there be a new cast of men...Could we see our Blake continue on to compete for Tayshia's final rose? Well, Reality Steve has some information about Blake's fate, but you can read that at your own risk.

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