As of September 1st, the vaccination rate of Henderson County sat at 40.39%, well below the state average of 58% and the national average of nearly 53%. In an effort to increase the numbers, the City Board of Commissioners approved a plan earlier this week to begin an incentive program they hope will encourage those who have yet to receive a dose of one of the available vaccines to roll up their sleeves and get the shots.

According to the meeting minutes, posted on the City of Henderson website, City Manager, William L. "Buzzy" Newman, Jr., presented the idea of the incentive program to the Board and Mayor Steve Austin. The program will reward $100 gift cards, paid for through funds provided by the federal American Rescue Plan, to unvaccinated residents who become fully vaccinated. However, there are a few stipulations:

  1. The program is only available to residents 18-years-old and older.
  2. Vaccines must be received between September 15th and October 15th, 2021
  3. Gift cards will only be given to the first 1,000 residents who get vaccinated.
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Also, the program will only be available at three partnering pharmacies in the city, T&T Drug Store at the corner of Letcher and Clay Streets, Midway Pharmacy in the Eastgate Shopping Center on 2nd Street, and Health First Community Health Center at the corner of Dixon and South Alves Streets.

Appointments can be made by calling any of the three locations at the following numbers:

  • T&T Drug Store - (270) 827-3503
  • Midway Pharmacy - (270) 212-1001
  • Health First Community Health Center - (270) 826-4800

The meetings minutes did not specify if the gift cards are cash cards such as a Visa gift card, or cards specific to certain businesses such as department stores, restaurants, or gas stations.

[Source: City of Henderson Board of Commissioners Sept. 14th Meeting Minutes]

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