The world it seems is in complete chaos right now. The COVID-19 pandemic is still tearing our world apart, our environmental future looks bleak and politically we still can't seem to work together to get anything right. To top off, we are taking all of our frustrations out on each other.

Just this week, I experienced two seemingly stressed-out situations from others before 6 a.m. Both happened on my way to work. One involved a car that was in front of me going under the speed limit. So, I passed the car in a passing zone. But, as soon as I got in front of the car, it sped up, right on my bumper, and put his brights on like I did something wrong. The car followed me like that all of the way into Owensboro.

I wondered what I had done to make him so angry. (not sure why it's him, it could have been a her lol) As I tried to figure out the reason for the aggression, I concluded that it probably wasn't me at all. I just happened to be the one in front of him that he decided to take out a little steam on.

Later that same afternoon, another angry situation happened on my way to the bank. Driving into the parking lot, I had to weave my way around some delivery trucks. I was going slow and approached the trucks before the van in the other lane coming toward me. So, expecting her (yes, she was a she LOL) to slow down and wait until I got around, I continued to pass the trucks. She stopped to let me through, but not without gritting her teeth and flipping me off with both hands when I drove by her. I was so close to flipping her off too, but instead, I loudly honked my horn. That got her. Not really. It just made me look like a stressed-out witch, like her.

I sat in the bank parking lot for a little while and just started crying. Everything that is going on is so stressful and then we add to each other's stress by taking out our frustrations on strangers. Why?

I can go about my day and for the most part stay super upbeat. But when real life comes back into view and I’m back to the reality of the world around me, I’m back to feeling sad, isolated, depressed, and scared.

There are moments when the anxiety is overwhelming and times I struggle to stay positive. But, I can't live like that. I have to be light, never darkness. By making others' day better, I, in turn, feel better myself. If only everybody could figure that out. It really works.

We think that by being mean to others, we will feel a little bit better ourselves, but that isn't true. Being unkind and an ass to someone, whether a family member or a stranger, only makes us feel worse. Trust me.

To stay centered and stay positive, I try to be kinder and more empathetic. Realizing that everyone is struggling in their own way, makes me feel not so alone. You know the saying, misery loves company. It’s so true.

I know it sounds cliche, but we truly ARE in this together. Now is not only a time to love your neighbor, more than you ever have before, but love yourself and appreciate your strength and resilience. You can only take care of those you love if you are in a good place.

Here are some little things you can do RIGHT NOW to feel better.

Ok? Let's start feeling good.

Five Things You Can Do To Feel Better Now

If you find that you need help beyond these simple things, don’t be ashamed or too hard on yourself, it's ok. Therapy and I are tight. We know each other well.

There are many places to get help and talk to someone. Here is a good place to start, reach out. You are never alone. You can even reach out to me through our website.

This adorable doughboy will make you smile!

Now, here are some things to make you happy and healthy!

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