This past weekend, I saw a really good idea on Facebook. Recently, many cities like Evansville and states like Kentucky have issued face mask mandates. And school systems announced that kids will have to wear a face mask when they are outside of the classroom like on school buses. I don't know about you, but my child can't keep up with anything. ANYTHING. This face mask thing sounds like a disaster. But one parent came up with a great idea. Attach a lanyard to your child's face mask so they'll always have it when they need it.


One of the comments on the original video asked if it was sanitary. The woman who posted, Katelyn Brooke Osborne Jill Nisenshal had a great response. "Well I’m not 100% sure about that but what I am 100% sure it more sanitary than them dropping it in the toilet or on the ground repeatedly bahaha!"

I found this one buried in the back of a drawer.  A friend left it behind one day when she visited. She's in the military now so I doubt she'll miss this JROTC lanyard. But, I'm sure my daughter will want a cute one for school. Add this to your B2S shopping today! Here's are some fun ones from Amazon.

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