Both Police Chief Billy Bolin and Fire Chief Mike Connelly told Mayor Winnicke that the key to being safe this season is simple...just use your head.

Police Chief Billy Bolin

In terms of crime prevention during the holidays, or any time really, Chief Bolin says to trust your gut. "Pay attention to your surroundings, if something or someone appears suspicious or out of place. Pay attention to your conscience, you're usually right."

A lot of crimes, during the holidays especially, are crimes of do your best to limit or eliminate those opportunities.

Chief Bolin interview

Fire Chief Mike Connelly

As far as fire safety/prevention is concerned, Christmas lights or decorations aren't as much of a threat these days, but be mindful of any candles. Chief Connelly says "Most of the house fires that occur during the holidays that are caused by candles are because they've been left unattended and the family pet knocks it over."

Chief Connelly interview