Right now you're hopefully asking "why in the world is Mayor Winnecke on the radio talking about adopting a rooster." The answer is simple, it's a part of this week's edition of Wednesdays With Winnecke.

The rooster talk happens in the second half of the show, when we are joined by Alisa Webster from the Evansville-Vanderburgh Animal Care & Control Shelter. I'll get to that in a minute.

Tony Kirkland (in.gov)

Take a listen to the first segment of the show to hear METS Director Tony Kirkland and our discussion of the new Highway 41 route. The usage of this route has increased dramatically since its creation. For example, 162 businesses have been affected, and approximately 1,100 riders use that route each month. Amazing!

Tony Kirkland interview


Mayor Winnecke and Ms. Webster hope to raise awareness about the new pet adoption option available now on the city's revamped website. Choose from cats, dogs, and yes, even a rooster. Truth be told, the rooster was already selected for adoption...but another one could become available...you never know! Hear more of what Ms. Webster has to say.

Alisa Webster interview