It is no secret that we love Halloween around here. We also happen to love supporting the animal rescue community. So, when we learned about this amazing haunted attraction raising money for a local animal rescue, we knew we had to share the news with you!

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Big Haunt - Big Heart - Little Town

Just across the Indiana state line, there is a little town located in Southern Illinois that is home to a big haunt with a big heart - Hailey's House of Horror. Created by Hailey Browning, a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady (more on that shortly), as well as a lover of Halloween, horror movies, and helping homeless animals, this Halloween haunt raises money for the animals of NewLife Adoption and Rescue, located in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Hailey tells us that she hosts her Halloween shows for free. She explains,

...the first year I did it, I had a ton of people wanting to donate money to me. It was very thoughtful, but I totally didn’t want that or need it necessarily. So, I thought if anyone felt like putting their money towards something, the rescues were the best place for that. I try to match what I receive in donations as well.


Hailey's House of Horror

It is completely free to visit Hailey's House of Horror, but donations to benefit the animals at NewLife Rescue & Adoption in Posey County, Indiana are accepted and greatly appreciated. So, what can you expect in this small town, a house of horror? Oh, you know. Just a whole house-mapped projection show, with animatronics, and live actors. You won't want to miss the photo op that will put you right in the middle of one of the horror genre's most iconic film scenes of all time as you appear to levitate above the bed while a "priest" performs an exorcism on your tortured soul.

Rite of exorcism

When and Where

There is also a full "regular display" that is on every night from dark until around 10 or 11 pm until Halloween. However, visitors looking for the animatronics and photo opportunity can stop by on October 21s, 22nd, 28th, 29th, 30th, and 31st from 7 pm to 8:30 pm (weather permitting). Hailey's House of Horror is located at 821 Marshall Street in New Haven, Illinois.

 Hailey's Colony of Cats

Hailey wasn't kidding when she told us she is a "certified cat lady." She cares for a colony of nearly 40 cats in her little Southern Illinois town. She provides shelter to them in the winter, as well as food and water each and every day. She also, in an effort to manage the population, had them all spayed and neutered. In the past, she has worked with the Posey Humane Society rehoming as many as they are able. She has also worked with PC Pound Puppies when she encountered stray and abandoned pups, as well.

cat and dog with newlife rescue and adoptions logo

More on NewLife Rescue & Adoption

NewLife Rescue & Adoption is the culmination of a lot of hard work, dedication, and caring volunteers. PC Pound Puppies and Posey Humane Society have merged to form a brand new non-profit that is breathing new life into the Posey County Indiana animal rescue community. Learn more about NewLife here.

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